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Christmas Cupcakes

Delivery Thursday 24th December - Christmas Eve


Lamington Cupcakes

- Freshly Baked Vanilla Bean Choc Chip Cupcake dipped in chocolate sauce, rolled in desiccated coconut, piped with silky vanilla bean buttercream, topped with sliced lamington, sprinkled with coconut and Australian grown freeze dried raspberries.​

Apple Pie Cupcakes

- Freshly Baked Vanilla Bean Apple Cinnamon Cupcake, piped with caramelised buttercream, sprinkled with ‘Golden GayTime Crumbs’, filled with stewed cinnamon apples. 

Pavlova Cupcakes

- Freshly Baked Vanilla Bean Cupcake piped with silky vanilla bean buttercream, topped with homemade mini pavlova, iced with vanilla bean buttercream, topped with a fresh raspberry and sprinkled with freeze dried raspberry powder.

Tim Tam Cupcakes

Freshly Baked Chocolate Cupcake piped with decadent Tim Tam buttercream, topped with half Tim Tam, sprinkled with crushed Tim Tam.

Fairy Bread Cupcakes

- Rainbow Confetti Cupcake, piped with silky vanilla bean buttercream, sprinkled with 100s and 1000s, decorated with mini fairy bread.

Golden GayTime Cupcakes

- Vanilla bean cupcake swirled with home made caramel, piped with caramelised buttercream, drizzled with chocolate ganache, sprinkled with ‘Golden GayTime Crumbs’.

Contact Free Delivery

- Your cupcakes will be delivered right to your door step Christmas Eve with delivery commencing at 9am. Approximate delivery times will be emailed to you a couple of days prior to delivery. On Thursday you will receive a text message when your cupcakes have been safely delivered to your front door. I will be wearing my mask and sanitising between each delivery to ensure the safety of each and every recipient. 

Important Reminders!

- Gift for a loved one? Please make sure the Shipping address is the Recipients contact information and the Billing address is your contact information.

- If you select 'personalised note' please ensure you type your desired note in the 'note' box at checkout.

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