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Fried Donuts

Freshly fried donuts, perfect for your event whatever the occasion. Fried donuts have a delicious crispy, light texture, which can be dressed to suit any occasion. Due to their short shelf life donuts are best consumed the day of purchase.

Donut Flavours

* Please note there is a minimum order of 12 donuts per flavour.


- Light and fluffy freshly fried donuts coated in cinnamon sugar. Trust me, you won't want to share ;)


- Light and fluffy freshly fried donuts dipped in your choice of creamy white, milk or dark chocolate ganache. Feeling a little extra? Why not add sprinkles or freeze dried berries!



- Boxes of 12 starting at $45.


- Boxes of 12 starting at $50.

* Please note donut orders require a minimum of 1.5 weeks notice

& minimum order of 12 donuts per flavour.

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