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Macaron Flavours

* Please note there is a minimum order of 12 macarons per flavour.

Vanilla Bean Buttercream

- Sometimes less is more! Chewy Vanilla Bean Macaron piped with creamy vanilla bean buttercream.

Rainbow  (Best Seller)

- We all love rainbows and now you can eat one too! This vibrant treat takes the original vanilla bean macaron to a whole new level with pastel rainbow buttercream and a rainbow splashed shell. 


- This tasty treat is a delicious combo of tangy and sweet. Pink vanilla bean macaron shell piped with raspberry buttercream dipped in freeze dried raspberry crumble...Are you drooling yet? ;)


- Vanilla Bean macaron shell dusted with Cadbury cocoa powder piped with silky Nutella buttercream. You don't have to share ;)

Lemon Curd 

- Love at first bite ...chewy vanilla bean macaron shell piped with tangy lemon buttercream, filled with oooozy homemade lemon curd. 

Caramel Regular or Salted

- Vanilla bean macaron shell piped with caramelised buttercream, filled with delectable homemade caramel, we can add salt too!

Cookies & Cream

- An all time favourite... grey vanilla bean macaron shell piped with oreo buttercream dipped in crushed oreo crumble... yummmmmmmmm.


- Pink vanilla bean macaron shell piped with creamy strawberry buttercream dipped in Australian (woohooo) freeze dried strawberry.


- Purple vanilla bean macaron shell piped with sweet and tangy passionfruit buttercream filled with homemade passionfruit curd. A fun delicious addition to any dessert spread! 

Macarons are best consumed within 3 days of purchase. They keep best when stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container and are best consumed at room temperature :)

* Boxes of 12 start at $45

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