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Terms and Conditions + Frequently
Asked Questions

Where are you located?


Love Kate Cake Co is located in Ocean Grove.

Do you require a deposit?


Yes. To secure your date a deposit must be paid, this will be calculated uniquely to your order. Please note your order is not confirmed until payment of your deposit is made therefor it is important to please process your payment as soon as you can. Please note deposits are not refundable. This payment contributes to the many hours spent planning and preparing your personalised orders so I sincerely appreciate your understanding. In uncontrollable and unexpected scenarios such as Lock Downs, credits may be available however please note each scenario will be uniquely assessed. Aggression, rudeness or a lack of manners will instantly forfeiting your deposit.
By paying your deposit you agree to these terms. 

How do I handle and transport my Cake?

1 - When lifting a cake box, ensure both hands remain evenly underneath the base of the box walking slowly and steadily. Cakes should not be held on an angle.


2 - During transportation, small 6 inch cakes can be placed in the feet compartment of the passengers seat. Large cakes cake be placed in the boot carefully secured with a non slip mat or towel surrounding the base of the box.

3 - On warm days, it is essential you pre cool your car with air conditioning prior to transporting your cake. 

4 - During transportation, air conditioners should remain on and extra care should be taken when going through round abouts, going over speed bumps and gutters or pot holes.


5 - When you reach your destination cakes should be immediately placed in the refrigerator.


A friendly reminder it is the drivers responsibility to get the cake to you in the same condition it was collected :) By assessing the condition of your cake on collection, and placing your cake in your drivers car, you accept full responsibility for the safe transportation of your cake. 

How do I store and slice my Cake?

1 - Remove your cake from refrigeration 1-1.5 hours prior to consumption and place in a cool secure location away from direct sunlight.


2 - To portion your cake, you will need a large bread or chefs knife and a chopping board or large plate.

3 - Slice your cake right down the centre creating 2 even semi circle.

4 - Using your knife create a small separation between the halves.


5 - Slide your chopping board or large plate in-between the halves and press one half of the cake onto the board, while carefully laying it flat, so you have one of the cake halves lying flat on the board.


5 - With your cake securely positioned on the chopping board, cut cake into slices and then desired portions. I recommend 3cm x 3cm slices x 2 layers of cake.

6 - Once cake is sliced it is best kept at room temperature (unless specified otherwise) and consumed within 4-5 days.


7 - Spare cake can be frozen for up to 2 months and keeps best individually portioned, wrapped in cling film. Cake should be frozen 1-2 days after slicing. 


* Two & Three tier cakes will contain a wooden centre dowel and cake boards separating each tier enabling easier portioning.

When do I need to pay for my cake?


Payment in full is due one week - one month prior to production depending on the size of your order. Payment is available via Direct Deposit or Card.

Do you offer Nut Free Products?


Unfortunately I do not offer nut free products. This is because my kitchen is not a 'Nut Free' zone and therefore the products may still contain traces of nuts. It is because of this, I am not willing to put anyone at risk of an allergic reaction especially those of which are life threatening.

Do you offer Gluten Free Cakes?


Yes I do produce cakes, macarons and brownie suitable for people with gluten intolerance. Please note however, while I take ever measure to ensure your cake does not contain gluten, my kitchen is not a 'Gluten Free Kitchen' and therefor I cannot guarantee that the product does not contain traces. With this in mind I store my gluten free products separately and always sanitise my equipment before producing a 'gluten free'/low gluten cake.

Do you offer vegan products?


Yes. I currently offer vegan brownies. If you have an allergy related to your vegan diet please inform me of this prior to the production of your sweets. 

Do you offer Delivery?


While collection in Ocean Grove is the most common preference of clients, I do also offer DeliveryDeliveries within Ocean Grove are free of charge, unless specified otherwise and are subject to availability. All locations outside of Ocean Grove will incur a fee calculated $ per kilometers traveled. Delivery availability will depend on the amount of notice given and the amount of orders in production on your date of request. 

How much notice to you require to make a cake?


The more notice the better!! To better guarantee your chances of successfully booking a cake or custom dessert, please contact me a minimum of one month before you require your dessert. Please note Love Kate Cake Co currently books out up to 3 months in advance. 

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