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Wedding Cakes

The best choice awaits...

We both know I'm bias, but dessert at a Wedding, is a must ;)  Whether you envisage a tower of macarons, cake and cupcakes or fondant stamped biscuits, I'm here to help every step of the way, developing a portfolio personally tailored to your taste and vision, creating a design unique to your Celebration and Marriage. 

Cake artistry is about creating an experience for my couples and clients, creating memories for you to share with your loved ones. It would be a privilege to make a small contribution to your Big Day and I can't wait for you to join the Love Kate Cake Co Family!

When inquiring the more information you can give me the better! Inspiration images, mood boards you name it, I'd love to see it! In the meantime please use the below information to inspire your vision and I look forward to chatting soon!

Cake Textures


Rustic + Sand Paper

Semi Nude

Sand Paper

Horizontal Lines

Gold Edge 


Pure Gold


Desiccated Coconut

Diagonal Lines




Please note the default buttercream for semi nude cakes is vanilla bean buttercream to maintain a clean white exterior. 


Fresh flowers are such a gorgeous medium to decorate with. They require careful handling and preparation to ensure they not only look amazing, but are safe in close proximity to your cake. (Some flowers are toxic) 

My method of preference is working with your florist, ensuring we maintain a consistent floral theme all throughout your celebration. This entails your florist providing fresh blooms for me to tape, wire and assemble on your cake. Your florist will charge you for the fresh stems and I will charge you for tape, wire and assembly. 

Further decoration of my cakes once delivered or collected, is not permitted due to the following reasons ...


-  I can no longer observe the safe and hygienic handling of your cake therefore putting you and your guests at risk in addition to my reputation.

- I cannot control the finished appearance of your cake, therefore I cannot ensure it is professional, to my standard, meets your aspirations and represents my brand well.

Unfortunately previous experience has led me to implement these precautions, however if this doesn't match your vision that is completely ok and I wish you a magnificent celebration nonetheless! :)

Floral Placement Inspiration 

Central Diagonal

Coda Wedding.jpg

Side Crawlers

Megan Cake.jpg

Horizontal Abstract

Romy Rocklea-1.jpg

Diagonal Wrap

Grace Cake.jpg

Mini Posies

Justine Cake-3 2.JPG

Central Wrap


Flavours & Wedding Tasters

The hardest choice to make! 
I currently offer 17 delectable flavours which can be found via the 'flavours + sizing' tab. My best selling flavours are available in tasting boxes accompanied by a fondant stamped biscuit and 3 macarons.  Please visit the Bake Shop to view available dates. Flavours include ...

1. Cookie Dough - Vanilla Bean Choc Chip Cake piped with Vanilla Buttercream, filled with Edible Cookie Dough between layers.


2. Milk Choc Mud - Milk Chocolate Mud Cake piped with Nutella Buttercream


3. Caramel Mud - Caramel Mud Cake piped with Salted Caramel Buttercream


4. Marble -  A delicious combo of White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Mudcake swirled together to create a marbled appearance paired with Oreo buttercream


5. Cinnamon Apple - Apple Cinnamon Mud Cake piped with Biscoff Buttercream


6. Baked Lemon Curd - Vanilla Bean Cake swirled with homemade Lemon Curd piped with Vanilla Bean Buttercream


7. White Chocolate Raspberry Mud - White Chocolate Mud Cake generously swirled with whole raspberries piped with Vanilla Bean Buttercream 


8. Red Velvet - Red Velvet cake piped with chocolate buttercream.

Depending on the design and size of your cake, you will be welcome to select one flavour per tier or 1 flavour per 12 regular cupcakes / 24 mini cupcakes.

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